TACS VOLUME 7 (1998)

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36pp. Journal of the Tiles & Architectural Ceramics Society.
Geoffrey Kay; The Peacock of Mysore-an account of the tiled floor of the Wedding Pavilion in the Mysore Palace, Karnataka State, India, Graham Scott; The Dream of City Architecture Expressed in Colourful Ceramics- the theories and architecture of Halsey Ralph Ricardo, Hans Van Lemmen; A Special Series of Ravesteijn Delftware Tiles Made for Export to Britain, Bruno Bentz and Daniel Dufournier; Chemical Analyses of Dutch Tiles from the Castles of Marly (Yvelines), Rochechouart (Haute-Vienne) and Labbeville (Val-d'Oise), Andrew Skelton; The Carshalton Water Tower Tiled Bath - a study in Anglo-Dutch Tiles, Robert Hunt; On the Application of Science to the Fine and Useful Arts Artificial Stone - Tessera, & c.

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